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We are a 3-generation family business that has stood the test of time for decades.
We like to think this is what separates us from the others.

Pride and Customer Service

We have invested pride in Art-Co that goes much deeper than selling products to customers. Many of our customers find that their relationship with us goes beyond their pool.

Our experience and knowledge sets the bar

Most companies find themselves just trying to fix or repair a problem. At Art-Co that is only the start of what we are concerned with. When we fix a problem we make sure to prevent the issue from happening again. We apply this across the board, whether it is keeping a pool from turning green or helping o-rings and seals last longer.

We have the experience and knowledge to help prevent most repairs from ever happening. It is our goal to meet and surpass your expectations with our knowledge and ability to solve your pool problems no matter how complex they appear.

Over the years we have seen children come in with their parents to buy pool products. Now we see them coming in to buy products for a pool of their own. We hope these traditions continue in future years.

Art-co Paint & Pool Supplies